Inkinen is assisting Navian Hawaii with their search for a Chief Executive Officer.


Navian Hawaii, formerly known as Hospice Hawaii, is a leading nonprofit health care organization that seeks to Bring Hope, Reduce Fears, and Impact Lives by providing compassionate end-of-life and palliative care to individuals and families on Oahu. With a profound commitment to enhancing the quality of life for patients, including children, facing terminal and serious illnesses, Navian Hawaii offers a comprehensive range of services that extend beyond medical care to address the emotional, spiritual, and practical needs of both patients and their loved ones.

Founded on the principles of empathy and dignity, Navian Hawaii delivers its services through a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals and specialty partners. The organization’s holistic approach encompasses pain management, emotional counseling, and spiritual support. This combination of care resources creates a nurturing environment where patients can spend their final moments in comfort and tranquility. By prioritizing the unique cultural values and traditions of Hawaii, Navian Hawaii ensures that its care is personalized and culturally sensitive, fostering a sense of belonging during life’s most vulnerable moments. Through unwavering dedication to compassionate care, Navian Hawaii continues to serve as a beacon of support and solace for individuals and families navigating the challenges of terminal illness in the Aloha State.


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) role at Navian Hawaii Hospice encompasses a dynamic blend of strategic leadership and operational oversight. As the guiding force behind the organization’s mission, the CEO will be responsible for steering Navian’s overall direction, fostering a culture of compassionate care, and upholding the organization’s values in all facets of service delivery. Working closely with the Board of Directors, the CEO will play a pivotal role in shaping and executing the organization’s strategy, ensuring that Navian Hawaii remains at the forefront of hospice and palliative care excellence in the region.


Please submit the following, addressed to Navian Search Committee, c/o Inkinen Executive Search, via email to by October 6th, 2023:

  • Cover Letter – expressing the reason for your interest in Navian Hawaii, and how your skills and experience match the CEO role.
  • Resume

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