What to expect from Inkinen Executive Search

As Hawaii’s premier executive search firm, Inkinen is 100% focused on connecting Hawaii’s best employers with leadership talent. Because we represent our clients in the market for talent, we are subject to the same laws and regulations.  

With the passage of Act 203, Hawaii is taking a significant step towards pay equity for substantially similar work, starting with a requirement for pay transparency in public job postings effective as of January 1, 2024.  

While the administrative rules of the law are yet to be published, it’s important to understand the intent of the new law, and how it may impact your organization’s human capital strategy. Starting in 2024, Act 203 mandates that job listings for employers with 50 or more employees must now include an hourly rate or a salary range that reasonably reflects expected compensation. This new requirement applies to all positions, from entry level through executive.  

The administrative rules have yet to be published by the State of Hawaii, so there are still a number of critical open questions.  

  • Is the employee count based on the total number of employees, including both full-time and part-time, or is it based on full-time equivalents (FTE)?  
  • What constitutes a reasonable range when publishing compensation in job postings?  
  • How should employers interpret “substantially similar work” when determining pay equity?  

Inkinen will partner with our clients to comply with this new regulation, and we are committed to providing the exceptional recruitment solutions our clients have come to rely on. 

As the law evolves, we’ll continue to keep you informed of how we can best serve your hiring needs. For more information about Act 203 and how it may impact your business, we recommend the following resources: