Inkinen is assisting Waioli Corporation & Nuhou Corporation with their search for an Executive Director.


Waioli Corporation and Nuhou Corporation (Waioli – Nuhou) share the rich, diverse multicultural heritage of Kauai by authentically preserving numerous important historic sites and collections around the island. The sites and collections are made available to be enjoyed by the local community and visitors through guided tours and educational research. These sites include Waioli Mission House and Mahamoku museums in Hanalei, the Grove Farm Homestead museum in Lihue, and an original locomotive roundhouse in Puhi, which includes the largest collection of operating Kauai sugar plantation steam locomotives. The three museum sites and four plantation steam locomotives are listed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places.

Founded by Miss Mabel Wilcox in 1975, Waioli Corporation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit membership organization and Nuhou Corporation is a 509(a)(3) non-profit supporting organization. Their mission is: Our kuleana is to preserve Grove Farm and Waioli Mission House museums, and other important properties, buildings, and collections, and to share authentic educational experiences through stories about the people, collections, and diverse properties that bring life to Kauai’s rich history and culture. Waioli – Nuhou continues their mission to honor the vibrant history of Kauai.


The Grove Farm Homestead Museum stands as a testament to the significance of the sugar industry in Hawaii’s history, offering visitors a glimpse into the past through its exceptional collections and preserved plantation structures. Grove Farm museum’s impressive collection of steam locomotives bridges cane haul methods from the earliest ox-drawn carts to steam driven locomotives to the use of gas-powered cane trucks. The Waioli Mission House, built in 1836, provides insights into the missionary work that shaped traditional Hawaiian communities. Waioli-Nuhou also protects several still farmed ancient pre-contact taro fields and ʻauwai systems of the Waioli Valley. Waioli-Nuhou also provides a community park in Hanalei. Mahamoku was built in 1914 and is the last surviving twentieth century intact beach house along Hanalei Bay which provides a unique extended museum experience that gives visitors personal knowledge of the pace and lifestyle of that bygone era.


Waioli – Nuhou is poised for growth and innovation, presenting an exciting opportunity for a dynamic leader to help shape its future trajectory. With recent funding injections and heightened community interest, there is immense potential to expand programs, deepen engagement, and solidify the organization’s position as a cultural cornerstone on Kauai.

The Executive Director will have the chance to preserve and enhance Grove Farm Homestead and Waioli Mission House museums, along with other significant properties and collections. This role offers the unique privilege of sharing authentic educational experiences that celebrate Kauai’s rich history and culture. This pivotal role offers the chance to foster collaboration, inspire creativity, and steer Waioli – Nuhou towards a future defined by impact and relevance. As the organization embarks on this transformative journey, the Executive Director will champion bold ideas and inclusive practices, ensuring that Waioli’s legacy continues to thrive in the years ahead.


The incoming Executive Director will encounter the pressing need for program and strategic planning expertise, as well as a profound comprehension of personnel and fiscal management, to steer the organization’s expansion successfully.

The position presents an opportunity to lead an organization deeply rooted in Hawaii’s heritage while tackling various challenges. These challenges include navigating organizational transitions, addressing operational improvements, fostering staff alignment, balancing legacy preservation with modernization, managing board dynamics, and responsibly stewarding the organization’s significant financial assets. Despite these challenges, the role offers the chance to shape the organization’s future and drive sustainable growth and impact.

Addressing these aspects will pose a significant challenge for the individual stepping into this pivotal role, highlighting the critical importance of adept leadership and innovative problem-solving skills.


Waioli – Nuhou’s impact extends far beyond its historic properties, deeply enriching the fabric of the Kauai community. Through educational programs, guided tours, and community events, the organization fosters connections and promotes cultural understanding among residents and visitors alike. As a steward of Kauai’s heritage, Waioli – Nuhou plays a vital role in preserving the island’s identity and fostering a sense of pride among its people.


Waioli – Nuhou embraces the laid-back lifestyle and natural beauty of Kauai, offering a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact while living in harmony with nature. However, living in Kauai may present challenges for those unfamiliar with the island’s lifestyle. The idyllic setting of Kauai comes with limited transportation options, long commutes, and a relatively high cost of living due to the scarcity of space on a smaller island. Prospective candidates should be prepared for logistical challenges and higher cost of living, including housing. Despite these challenges, Kauai offers a unique quality of life characterized by vibrant culture, strong community ties, and unparalleled natural beauty.


The Executive Director will report to the Boards of Directors for Waioli Corporation and Nuhou Corporation, providing leadership and strategic direction for the organization. Responsibilities include overseeing staff and operations, financial management, resource development, and community outreach. The ideal candidate will demonstrate strong leadership abilities, a passion for preserving cultural heritage, and a commitment to serving the Kauai community.

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