Inkinen is assisting Lunalilo Home Trustee Selection Committee with their search.


Founded more than 130 years ago, Lunalilo Home’s vision is to be a nurturing and vibrant kauhale for all kūpuna. In fulfillment of the trust of King William Charles Lunalilo, the sixth reigning monarch of Hawai’i, our mission is to perpetuate the legacy of King William Charles Lunalilo to honor, tend to, and protect the well-being of elders.

In 2015, the Trustees of the Board of Lunalilo Home embarked on a bold strategic planning process to seek out new ways for the Trust and Home to reach substantially more disadvantaged Native Hawaiians kūpuna with quality services and programs to improve their well-being. The Board held 21 strategic planning meetings from October 2015 to February 2017 and the Kauhale Kūpuna Strategic Plan 2017-2027 was approved on January 29, 2018, by the Probate Court. Based on the socio-economic, health, and well-being landscape for our Native Hawaiian kūpuna, the Strategic Plan aims to achieve a new “Home” model for disadvantaged Hawaiian kūpuna as mandated by King Lunalilo and is a paradigmatic shift, after almost 150 years since the inception of the Trust, to reach more kūpuna, with quality care, services, and accommodations. This approach encompasses the importance of a wide range of components from the origins of Lunalilo Home (to provide housing and care for indigent Native Hawaiian kūpuna) to expand into and impact a wider network of kūpuna in their homes and communities.

The current members of the Board of Trustees are Harvey H. McInerny, Jr., Sunshine P. Topping, and Daniel Goya.


The Trustee Selection Committee seeks a leader with the commitment and ability to perpetuate King William Charles Lunalilo’s vision and legacy. Executive leadership experience in one or more of the following areas is desired: Business Administration, Elder Care, Finance and Investments, Healthcare, Real Estate and Social Services.

The desirable qualities and characteristics of a trustee should include:

  • Experience and ability to fundriase and assist with capital campaigns on behalf of the Trust;
  • Recognized reputation of integrity, ethical conduct, moral character and servant leadership;
  • Capacity to fulfill the responsibilities of a fiduciary under trust law and board governance experience;
  • Expertise in their chosen profession that will add to the skillset of the Board;
  • Genuine concern for the well-being of Native Hawaiians, particularly kūpuna;
  • Deep understanding of the person and legacy of King Lunalilo and how these are manifested and implemented in the mission and the Kauhale Kupuna Strategic Plan of the Trust.

The next Trustee must embrace the core values that guide Lunalilo Trust: aloha (caring for everyone), haʻahaʻa (humility), hoʻomanawamui (patience), kūlia i ka nuʻu (striving for excellence), and laulima (many hands make light work).

The term for Trustee Harvey H. McInerny, Jr., will expire on October 19, 2024.

The Trustee Selection Committee consists of five volunteer community members: Stacy Kealohalani Ferreira, Lauren Nahme, Kali Watson, Lance Wilhelm, and James Wright. The Committee will nominate one candidate to the Probate Court, which will appoint the new Trustee. The Trustee will be appointed to fill a seven-year term and may be eligible for an additional seven-year term, to be approved by the Court.


Please submit the following, addressed to Lunalilo Home Selection Committee, c/o Inkinen Executive Search, via email to by July 10, 2024:

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Statement expressing their perspective of the Trustee’s role, the vision, objectives, and goals for the Trust, and how those goals will be achieved